In 2008, the investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for the largest bankruptcy in American history. It took just hours for the catastrophic effects of the company’s failure to become apparent to ordinary people all across the world.

Jende Jonga and his wife, Continue reading


Lazy Journalism

Some time back  I had a comment from a  media consultant during one of the morning breakfast  shows who said that the current journalist is lazy and do not even have a clear understanding of what journalism is all about. According to him, the current journalism was all about copy pasting a story from a press release or just from a social site and calling that news that they had gathered. Continue reading


If only love was enough for her to stay around with him.
Every night before she fell asleep she thought  about her relationship or is it situation and it still did not make sense to her.
She wants to walk away,but how could she…this is one of the longest relationship she has ever been in and with the Continue reading


I keep looking around me hoping that at some point they will be a leader or is it a politician who is willing to have the interest of the common mwananchi at heart and deliver but I guess there is no holding my breath in that, been disappointed a lot .But at times it’s not all just about the politicians but we also have a role to play as citizens in the country, as this country does not belong to the politicians we are the majority and we can change the narrative in this conversation. Continue reading

Constant battle

Very powerful and well written

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Lately a lot has been feeling like a constant battle

A battle of the fear of the unknown

Fear between letting go and holding back

Fear between being free and being scared

Anxiety creeping in as the night draws closer

Trying to choke me and drain me

Juice me up until I have nothing left

Lately a whole lot has been feeling like a constant battle

A battle between right and wrong

Between what I’ve believed in my whole life

And between what is really true

I’m scared to the core

My spine is getting cold

Paralysed by guilty

Lately a lot has been feeling like a constant battle

A battle between what I truly want and what they say I need to want

But you see I’m learning

I’m learning to let go and not hold back

I’m learning to be free and not be scared

And yes anxiety…

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