Lazy Journalism

Some time back  I had a comment from a  media consultant during one of the morning breakfast  shows who said that the current journalist is lazy and do not even have a clear understanding of what journalism is all about. According to him, the current journalism was all about copy pasting a story from a press release or just from a social site and calling that news that they had gathered. Continue reading


Staying True to Myself

Staying true to myself is the lesson that i have learned today. For a long time i have cared what others think about me rather  than what is good for the shygal. That changes now.  Part of my resolution for this year was to get a mentor, and so far i have been able to interact with 3. Am loving the challenge as i work on me.



Time to run

She knew  it was time to untangle herself from this web she got herself into and especially now when all the red lights were on. For the first weeks, she thought she had control of what was happening, but not anymore.She  remembers some time back when in the cafeteria she had some girls talking about him, and his reputation but she didn’t pay attention to that as he always behaved differently when they were together. This is the second time she has gotten herself into such  a situation.

All her instincts currently are telling her to run and not turn back, and so that’s  what she doing.


Current Read: Not Without my Daughter by Betty Mahmoody

# Life Lesson 3

As  i get   closer to my  birthday, i have learnt to accept that   things may  not  happen when  i want them to happen  but  they  will  happen   when God  wills  them to. Since  i was a kid i  have  one  wish in my  life  and its  coming true  and am   happy. That is the same  mantra  am going  to have  and hope  for the  best.

With  this  coming   true , my birthday  wish  has  come  true.