Lazy Journalism

Some time back  I had a comment from a  media consultant during one of the morning breakfast  shows who said that the current journalist is lazy and do not even have a clear understanding of what journalism is all about. According to him, the current journalism was all about copy pasting a story from a press release or just from a social site and calling that news that they had gathered. At that  moment I didn’t agree with  them and especially because I had just graduated with a degree in journalism and so I thought he was very hard on the journalist.  But as the years  have passed and I agree with  him, and at times I wish there was a  law that fined any journalist who gave us  crappy news, features, talk shows and is given the space to do that.

Nowadays when you choose to watch the news, you will notice that the news item is something you came across on social media and therefore if it’s on prime time news then it is already stale. The reporter did not even make an effort to dig the story deeper or even give us a different angle.

Journalists tend to just pick what they gathered from a press release and give that to the audience without even much research. I feel that is being very unfair to the audience.  The target audiences of this media house are not shallow and so the media house should not treat them as that.

When it comes to news feature, especially most of them are half cooked and you wonder why do  a half cooked story  yet it is supposed to be deep and go further than hard news coverage. When working    on a news feature you should be creative, give it a human interest angle do research and let the audience learn something from that as this is hard news and not soft news. Find out if the feature has been done before and if it has what are you bringing in that’s new that the audience has not heard.

I   mourn with the students of Garissa after the tragic event   but when a reporter is still interviewing and asking the questions that were asked during the first two days what new information are they bringing? In every story, they are different angles you   can approach and if you don’t have, let the story slide for heaven sake.

Am yet to understand  how this works when a  journalist changes to a  different media house  why do they still  air the same feature they  did on the previous station, and if they thought of that feature on their own am sure they can think of another feature.

What happened to the good old days  where a journalist would walk out of the news room and go get a  fresh and new story from the ground and one would be eager to watch the news as there was always something to look forward to. As much as there are different media houses there is no diversity that is urgently needed.



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