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A girl who loves to read and write. i love to watch cartoons ... still have my imaginary friends. Giving up is not part of my dictionary. i am the best version of me that God has given to the world



I know how I got here, I wonder if you notice that there is change between us. But then again that is a long shot, you never notice anything anymore somehow you are always too busy for that. I never thought I would feel like this, Continue reading


Should Writers Be Paid?


The year was 2015. December.

My contract at a hotel I had been working at in the Front Office Department for 3 months had just ended. They were not in a position to renew it and so, I had to move on.

Magazine Contributor!! The idea screamed at me.

I knew I could write. I mean, I had always written from childhood. Fiction mostly. In my 20s, I began doing articles in addition to the Fiction I wrote. At 23, I started a blog on WordPress, at the advice of a friend, after someone pretended they would feature an article of mine on their new magazine’s first issue.

That never came to be despite submitting several articles to that effect and seeing what I thought was the original magazine issue. Maybe I had just been duped or conned or whichever of the two applies here but it sure hurt as…

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Lazy Journalism

Some time back  I had a comment from a  media consultant during one of the morning breakfast  shows who said that the current journalist is lazy and do not even have a clear understanding of what journalism is all about. According to him, the current journalism was all about copy pasting a story from a press release or just from a social site and calling that news that they had gathered. Continue reading


If only love was enough for her to stay around with him.
Every night before she fell asleep she thought  about her relationship or is it situation and it still did not make sense to her.
She wants to walk away,but how could she…this is one of the longest relationship she has ever been in and with the Continue reading