In 2008, the investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for the largest bankruptcy in American history. It took just hours for the catastrophic effects of the company’s failure to become apparent to ordinary people all across the world.

Jende Jonga and his wife, Continue reading



I love any  form of art and anytime  I know there is an art related event I will be there, and over the years i have noticed this country has a  lot of good  talent. I wish artists would be appreciated for their good work.I  love the fact that when it comes to art you have a different interpretation and it always touches your soul. Continue reading


Its been a while since i was in my local pub or any other local pub, now that am working on reducing my alcohol intake and now with age you need to let go of some things.

Yesterday a friend invited me to his local, wooow damn that’s a true local and it gives you that feeling that at some point you are about to get your own drink rather than them serving you. Since they seem to be too busy doing other things. Continue reading