I know how I got here, I wonder if you notice that there is change between us. But then again that is a long shot, you never notice anything anymore somehow you are always too busy for that. I never thought I would feel like this, with you. At the beginning we both had crazy schedules but we always made time for each other, but now it’s different. I know if you read this, you will ask again what’s wrong with me, why do I act like a girl rather than woman. I remember 6 months ago when I expressed my feelings about our communication and you asked what was wrong with me and why I was acting like a girl.  Once I saw your message I read more than 5 times and even loudly just to try and understand your thoughts. But clearly the more I thought about it, the more questions I had, and I decided to channel all my thoughts to my music which I had neglected for a long time.

Every Thursday I go to the new café opened along Mombasa Road and perform, as always you think am with my girlfriends which is fine by me since I know you won’t notice at what time I get back to the house. The look on the audience faces as am performing is always good and am excited on this new journey. With my music at least I feel the appreciation and am happy. At first I was not confident but Jim, the café manager encouraged me and now I always look forward to Thursday.  Sometimes before I leave the café or when am having coffee Jim always stops by and we chat about a lot of stuff and we get to laugh. Over the last few months it has been great hanging out with Jim after my performances and also on weekends when I have time.

So is my relationship perfect, no far from it, but the fact that  me asking you question makes me an immature person, then we might as well have it on your would at least make time,really how much money and investment do you want to make that makes me less important to get your time.But i wish  You don’t have to worry about Jim, he is a good friend who came along when I needed someone to talk to. At least I have my music as a form of expression. And by the way the other day I bumped into you pal Michael who was willing to share your weekend rendezvous with your mistress, so at least now I know what has been keeping you busy.

My Current Read- Toxic Soul Ties by Doreen Khamala

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