Book lover Moments

Today I came across one of the books you bought for me One day I will write about this place by Binyavanga Wainaina.  It has got to be the most interesting book I ever read and one of the books that we took time just reading it during our date nights. Or maybe it’s because I did not want to finish or maybe I loved us spending time together like this. This was one of the best ways we knew how to communicate with each other. I always wonder does she like to read books or she prefers Continue reading


Staying True to Myself

Staying true to myself is the lesson that i have learned today. For a long time i have cared what others think about me rather  than what is good for the shygal. That changes now.  Part of my resolution for this year was to get a mentor, and so far i have been able to interact with 3. Am loving the challenge as i work on me.




I love it, something close to what I have been thinking about lately.



Why do we hold tight to things that destroy us
Afraid to let go and be free
Are we so used to the abuse of today
Did they lie to us and make us so desperate and weak
Have they made us believe that we can never get something better
Have they robbed us of our vision in life and our eyes are now blurred with tears that we can nolonger see ahead
Did they make us believe that they are the best we could ever have
And now we are so weak to realize how strong we are…..

I understand the predicament you going through
I know the pain that eats your soul away
The cancer that so crushes your heart into pieces
The smile that you wear to tell everyone but yourself you are ok
I know how hard it is to let go
How weak your feet…

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