If only love was enough for her to stay around with him.
Every night before she fell asleep she thought  about her relationship or is it situation and it still did not make sense to her.
She wants to walk away,but how could she…this is one of the longest relationship she has ever been in and with the “right” person.she promised herself that she would be here for the long run but everyday she is suffocating.
Maybe it is him and he is comfortable with the situation since he didn’t work hard to get her and she was easy. But no she is not easy, only that he came to her life when she was going through a rough time and they seemed to have a connection and again her friends kept telling her she had made the right decision. But how can they know she made the right decision when they cant see how lonely she feels constantly.
That explains why lately she has taken a lot of projects just to distract herself from all this.Or maybe all this was just in her mind and everything was ok.


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