I keep looking around me hoping that at some point they will be a leader or is it a politician who is willing to have the interest of the common mwananchi at heart and deliver but I guess there is no holding my breath in that, been disappointed a lot .But at times it’s not all just about the politicians but we also have a role to play as citizens in the country, as this country does not belong to the politicians we are the majority and we can change the narrative in this conversation. I think we have taken the back seat for so long that we have made it easy for the politicians to manipulate us after every 5 years. We should hold the politicians accountable for every promise they make and not just after 5 years but constantly with the amount of tax we put in and the salaries they get we do deserve good services and leadership.

During the election year we always have tension in parts of this country and you constantly have to ensure that you are politically correct lest something bad happens to you or you are cut off from the group. I think for me keeping my political opinion in some forums has been the hardest thing that since am from a certain tribe then people expect that my thoughts should be aligned in a certain direction and it is sickening because my tribe does not define my thoughts.Since I believe every time you vote in for an individual think of their manifesto, vision, values and not the tribe. Thinking in a tribal way is what got us in some situation like the post-election violence or discrimination and we are so much angry at each other that we are a ticking time bomb.

It has now become a culture where before, during and after election we have to be constantly reminded that we ought to be peaceful and not tribal, but really if you ought to remind me to keep peace then maybe I am not a peaceful person. This mostly is done by the same people who caused the tension in the country either through mainstream media or on the online platform which is ironical when they are in the forefront when it comes to incitement. Though there are institutions that are meant to  ensure that no incitement takes  place , it seems to be a  toothless dogs  and so just enjoying hefty salary while there is no work done and especially if its politicians doing the incitement. I still don’t understand what they man when there was no “evidence” really?? Do you need blood shed more than 2007/08 to get the evidence. I always wonder if the media keeps covering the politicians who fuel the violence with their words and actions so then what is their end goal. It is always said that there is always a price to pay for democracy, but I think in this country it has become too much, we keep saying that we are growing as a country  but all I see is us going  back to dictatorship.

Here is my theory  the values that  I grew up with are meant to guide me throughout my whole life, and so if  violence is bad  that  can never change no matter how much I go through in the society and I don’t to be reminded to be peaceful.

One of my morning ritual before I leave my bed is I say the peace prayer by st Francis to guide me throughout the whole day.



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